Individual training


A certified personal trainer will meet you in your community or at a commercial gym of your choice and develop a weekly comprehensive workout program just for you. All areas of fitness such as core, balance, power, agility, strength, and flexibility will be covered in each workout.


You’ll also receive detailed plans for any exercise sessions outside of your personal trainer visits and a stretching program to complement results.


Finally, your trainer will teach you nutrition tips and guide you towards responsible information on long-term success dieting.

In-Home Suspension Training (TRX)


Experience the difference TRX training can make in your fitness routine. Suspension training has been proven to provide muscular and cardiovascular benefits that have significant impact on overall health. Burn fat, build strength, and improve flexibility and heart health with TRX. Appropriate for all fitness levels including: beginners, pro athletes, runners, yogis, cyclists, cross-trainers, military, and combat athletes.

Injury Recovery & Prevention


If you’re recovering from an injury or feeling restricted in your day-to-day activities due to pain, let us help with a Corrective Exercise (CES) program. We’ll get you on the path to regular exercise and comfortable movements again.

Weight Management

Having trouble with those last few pounds? Or need help getting started and staying on track? Let us help with a progressive and simple exercise plan that will complement any weight loss program.

Healthy Aging


With the onset of age, we experience stiffness, lack of strength, and fatigue. However, these issues can be addressed with a safe and periodic exercise program customized for the healthy aging population.

Sports Performance

Need to improve in your sport? Increase endurance, strength, and overall performance. Try our highly successful Performance Enhancement (PES) system to maximize your training.

Group Training


Group training provides a team environment with support and accountability while sharing the cost. Groups are typically comprised of 3-6 individuals and sessions last 50-minutes. There are 2x and a 3x a week programs to choose from.