New Jump Start Special

Three 50-minute personal training sessions for $99

A certified personal trainer will meet you in your community or at a commercial gym of your choice and develop a weekly comprehensive workout program just for you. All areas of fitness such as core, balance, power, agility, strength, and flexibility will be covered in each workout.


You’ll also receive detailed plans for any exercise sessions outside of your personal trainer visits and a stretching program to complement results.


Finally, your trainer will teach you nutrition tips and guide you towards responsible information on long-term success dieting.



  • Subjective and objective assessments of your fitness level
  • Flexibility recommendations
  • Healthy eating tips.

About Your Trainer

Michael Mignella


Michael Mignella, CPT, CES, PES is a health and fitness professional with 15-years of experience. Working at commercial fitness centers, heavily involved in the education and certification process of new trainers, and customizing fitness programs for every individual.


As a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist, and fitness nutrition specialist, all aspects of your personal health will be addressed.