Are your Employees Healthy?

Corporate Wellness Training at
your Headquarters or Office. 


Central Florida Academy of Sports Medicine can asses your current workforce for cardiovascular health, posture and body composition at no cost to the employer. By a simple series of tests performed at your headquarters, satellite office or fitness studio in your area.

These tests commonly take 10-15 minutes per person and create a deliverable report for the following factors:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Body Composition (Fat vs Muscle)
  • Posture Assessments
  • Flexibility Recommendations
  • Recommendations on meeting guidelines for activity (150 min per week)

Corporate Wellness Training

At Your Headquarters Or Office


Central Florida Academy of Sports Medicine can create a report with the average metrics among your workforce, while cultivating employee interest to work in a Private, Semi-Private, or Small Group Training environment at your office or one of our local affiliate fitness studios.


Bi monthly visits included in a subsidized program,
to help hold workforce accountable to exercise programs.

Monies distributed for corporate wellness save on absenteeism, productivity and rising healthcare costs for companies with high risk pools, i.e. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic conditions.